Jill Jackson’’s Hollywood

Jill Jackson’s Hollywood

HOLLYWOOD … Regis Philbin is like “Old Man River” — he “jes keeps rollin’ along.” First, for those of you who have asked: No, there is no feud between Philbin and David Letterman. Although Dave makes cracks about Regis, they are, in reality, good friends. Regis’ morning show with Kelly Ripa also “keeps rollin’ along,” and it looks as if “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” also could go somewhere. … More on his private life: As far as I know, Regis was born in New York and attended Notre Dame University. He was named Regis after his father’s alma mater, a Catholic boys’ school. He was married and divorced from Kay Faylan, and then married Joy Senese. Has four children: Amy, Dan,

Global Music, Crafts, Theater, Food, Dance, & Storytelling Joanne and Jennifer. And this should be enough about Regis for now. Beyonce is not only beautiful but can sing her heart out. She also is a very good actress, as proven in her film Obsessed. Offers are pouring in for dramatic roles, roles for a singer and every kind of movie one can imagine. Call it the “Beyonce Bounce,” because if ever a singer-actress is bouncing to the top of the list, it’s Beyonce. Amanda Peet joins the cast of Guilliver’s Travels. It’s the modern version of the timeold classic wherein travel writer Lemuel Gulliver goes to the Bermuda Triangle on an assignment. He ends up on the secret island of Lilliput, which is inhabited by little people. Jack Black plays Gulliver and Peet plays his editor and love interest. Amanda was born in New York and attended Columbia University. She then studied acting under the tutelage of Uta Hagen. And guess what? She can recite the entire dialogue from Tootsie and A Chorus Line! Barbara Walters’ autobiography, Audition, is now out in paperback and selling to beat records. In this edition there is an afterword by Barbara, adding to the good read. Meanwhile, Miss W. goes on and on as one of the top femme journalists ever to hit the TV tube and other outlets. AND next time you see her on the tube or elsewhere, get a gander of her gams. She’s got the bestlooking pair of legs ever bestowed on a woman. Aside to Noreen K. of San Diego: I wish I could answer you, but I also would like to know why a broadcaster always says, “It’s on our sister station.” Why don’t they ever say “our brother station”? It’s a mystery. If I ever learn the answer, I will surely let you know. *** BITS ‘N’ PIECES: Joke running around Tinseltown: When all the pirating was taking place off the coast of Somalia, they should have called on Peter Pan and the Lost Boys to handle the “Captain Hooks,” … Another honor for Meryl Streep: the Life Achievement Award from the Rome International Film Festival. … If President Barack Obama had not been elected, he surely could have landed roles in movies. He’s personable, can act and is at ease in front of a camera. … Newest fad out this way: No more flowers growing in front yards. It’s all vegetables — and what a great idea that is! Instead of picking the roses, one just goes out front and picks dinner.

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