Jill Jackson’’s Hollywood

Jill Jackson’s Hollywood

HOLLYWOOD … Did you know that Chris Pine beat out Matt Damon, Joshua Jackson, and Mike Vogel for the role of Captain Kirk in Star Trek? When asked how he did it, Pine replied, “I guess it was that I was new blood with a new perspective.” Personally I think it was more than that. He’s handsome, sexy and can act. And once again, to all you fluttering femme hearts: No, he does not have a steady love interest. Not as yet, anyway. Aside to Christina G. of San Clemente, Calif. I don’t know why Patti Avis goes by her mother Nancy’s maiden name. Her name is Patti Reagan. And brother Ron is living in Seattle with Doria, his wife of 29 years. He is on Air America three hours a day talking politics and such. Jim Carrey’s next could be The Beaver. It’s an off-beat “dramedy” about a relationship between a man and a beaver puppet that he wears on his arm. He talks to it and treats it like a live human being. Reads kind of “nutty” to me, but Jim is certainly the one who can make it work. … Carrey was born in Jacksons Point, Ontario. When his father was laid off, he (Jim) went to work as a janitor to help support the family. Then he turned to acting, and the rest — as you know now — was a big success. And by the way, did you know that when Jim was dating Renee Zellwegger, he gave her a $200,000 friendship ring. He has since married and divorced several ladies. I don’t know whether Renee returned the ring. Reese Witherspoon will team with Ben Stiller in Used Girls. It’s a comedy set in the future about women who clone and trade men like used cars. As to Reese’s private life, I think she and Ryan still lead separate lives. But what those separate lives are, I do not know. Not only is Chris Pine handsome and talented, he is also very polite. His agent tells me that after the Star Trek premiere, he wrote everyone in the office a thank you note. And looking back at the premiere, it was interesting to see Big Star Tom Cruise heartily embracing the new Big Star. Tom’s kids are Trek fans. The older ones were there with him. Sadly, that old show-business adage, “All demises come in threes” was fulfilled when we lost Natasha Richardson, Bea Arthur and Dom DeLuise in so short a while. They are all sadly missed. And, looking back at more unpleasantness, fires recently almost burned out the entire little town of Santa Barbara on the Pacific coast. Film companies shot enough fire footage there to fill their libraries for many years to come. How’s this for a title? Hot Tub Time Machine. It’s John Cusack’s next about a group of friends who go to a ski lodge where they partied as teens and end up back in the ’80s via their hot tub. *** Bits ’n’ pieces: Word is that Clint Eastwood once fired a shot over the head of a fan who refused to leave the set where he was filming…. No recent sightings of Paris, Lindsay or Britney (I’m beginning to miss the “chopper” noise above)…. Did you know Shecky Greene introduced Elvis as his opening act? And Shecky is still going strong. He played Vegas recently for three nights…. I’m tiring of all those “little nothing” black dresses and long, straight blond hair. That’s all we’re seeing on femmes these days. How many of you remember the frizzy hair on Bernadette Peters?… And to finish it off. Bob Hope once said: “The national pastime of Tahiti is making love. But we silly fools picked baseball.”

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