Jill Jackson’’s Hollywood

Jill Jackson’s Hollywood

HOLLYWOOD … There’s no doubting Tom Hanks’ talent as actor. His list of big box-office hits is without end. However, I do not know him personally, so I can’t give you an evaluation on that subject. But judging from his behavior on a recent “Late Show with ” to plug his latest movie, Angels and Demons, his behavior was rather erratic. Hanks told of walking his dogs and picking up their poop. Then he got down on the floor and writhed around, demonstrating how a doggie would act to rid itself of skunk smell. Of course, you know he is married to Rita Wilson, and they seem to have much fun. He is the father of three.

How’s this for a cast?

Christopher Walken, Val Kilmer and Ray Stevenson. They will team in The Irishman, based on the real-life story of mobster Danny Greene, a violent Irish-American gangster who competed with the Italian mob in Cleveland back in the 1970s. Walken’s breakout film was The Deer Hunter in 1978. His name was prominent in the death of Natalie Wood when he was aboard ship with her and husband Robert Wagner. He was born Ronald Walken, but changed his name to Christopher because he felt “it suited him better.” And, if you care to know more about this “out-there personality,” there’s a book recently out titled Christopher Walken A to Z by Robert Schnakenberg (Quirk Publishers). Ready for another Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? Universal is readying a modern version of the classic, with Keanu Reeves in the role of Mr. Hyde. Keanu should be perfect in the part. He’s kind of “way out” in real life. His birthplace was Beirut, Lebanon. His father is Chinese-Hawaiian and his mother English. And I think I’ve mentioned that his name, Keanu, means “cool breeze over the mountains” in Hawaiian. There is another Donald Sutherland offspring beside Kiefer in the acting business. His brother Rossif joins Donald in Love Child. It’s about an ex-con (Rossif) trying to go straight, but he is thwated by a loan shark (Donald Sutherland) and forced to do one last heist. I remember when I first started writing a column and attended screenings, I often sat behind Donald and his three young, blond boys. It’s a lovely family. And once again to all of you who have asked. I promise you that at this writing, Chris Pine does not have a special femme. I was told by his agent “definitely not,” but she also added that “the ladies come on to him like crazy!” Meanwhile, Chris’ Star Trek continues to mop up at the box office.

BITS ‘N’ PIECES: Ho Ho Ho. Now the argument is who will pay for the 3D glasses? The theaters? The producers? The patrons? What fun (and to make a pun), “We shall see.” … Marlee Matlin was honored with her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Well deserved. She has been an inspiration to all handicapped people. … And a quote from Jeremy Irons, who says, “Acting is like making love, better if your partner is good, but still possible if she isn’t.” … Leonardo DiCaprio has been seen making the night-club scene solo. … And the given name of Ellen Degeneres’ love, actress Portia DeRossi, is Amanda Rogers.

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