Jill Jackson’’s Hollywood

by Jill Jackson

Jill Jackson’s Hollywood

HOLLYWOOD…Michelle Pfeiffer has amovie out titledCheri, a romantic drama setin 1920s Paris. As do all of her films, it’s pullingin big bucks at the box office. Michellerecently paid a visit to Dave Lettermanon the “Late Show.” Looking beautiful, sheand Letterman talked mostly about theiroffspring: she about Claudia Rose and JohnHenry, he about Harry. Although it was agood talk, Michelle’s every other word was“um.” I tried to count the “ums,” but lost track…. Before Michelle was an Oscar-winning actress,she was a supermarket cashier, a courtreporter and a model. Now she seems tohave it all. A loving husband, beautiful childrenand a great career. As for Letterman, heand Conan are “duking” it out, and the mostrecent survey shows Letterman leading thebouncy redhead.AND word about Jay Leno is that you’llbe seeing promos for his 10 p.m. show fromnow until its September debut. Meanwhile, Jay is enjoying his time off, tinkeringwith his autos and motorcycles. And a bit about Leno that maybe you didn’t know.His first name is James, and he was born in New Rochelle, NY in 1950. Maybe youknew that, BUT did you know he gave $1.5 million of his own money to “The TonightShow” staff as a 10th anniversary thank-you gift. How about THAT?!HOLLYWOOD IS READING: The Alpine Uproar by Mary Daheim (RandomHouse). … The Informers by Bret Eaton Ellis (Vintage Books). This made into a movienow showing. … Vanity Fair’s Tales of Hollywood by Craydon Carter (Penguin Books).One heckuva fun read about the goings-on behind the scenes of some of Hollywood’slegendary movies. … Oscar Season by Mary McNamara (Simon & Schuster).Another heckuva read about what goes on behind and in front of the scenes atOscar doings. … Barbara Walters’ Audition: A Memoir, now out in paperback (VintageBooks).Sean Penn created more than a ripple when he dropped out of not one, butTWO films. The Three Stooges and Cartel. The Oscar-winning actor gave as an excusethat he “wants to spend more time with his family.” He didn’t say how long his hiatuswill last, which is typical Penn. However, or whatever, rest assured there will be otheractors who will be happy to take his place.
It’s a well-known joke out here about Jack Nicholson and the Lakers basketballteam. Jack is always courtside, and both players and fans are aware of it. Kobe Bryanttold Conan on a visit to “The Tonight Show” that he could often hear Jack givingcommands from the sidelines while the ball was in play.
BITS ‘N’ PIECES: If President Obama ever decides to pull out of politics, hemost certainly could become an actor. … Joke running round the “Hollywoods” is,“The only way to avoid those long ‘thank yous’ at award shows is not to give them…. When Ava Gardner died, she left her dog its own maid, a limo and a monthly allowance.(This I read in a Hollywood trivia book.) And also this, John Barrymore hada pet vulture named Maloney, AND Roy Rogers was so devoted to his horse Triggerthat when the animal died, he had it stuffed and mounted.(c) 2009 King Features Synd., Inc.!