Jill Jackson’s Hollywood

HOLLYWOOD… Susan Sarandon and John Goodman are set to co-star with Al Pacino in Dr. Death. . This about Dr. Jack Kevorkian. Known as “Dr. Death,” he assisted in more than 130 suicides. He sent a tape of himself assisting in a suicide to “60 Minutes,” and he was later convicted of second-degree murder and spent eight years in prison. This should make quite a film what with the talents of Pacino, Sarandon and Goodman. John recently had a run on Broadway with Nathan Lane in Waiting for Godot. “Little” Dakota Fanning is now 15 and looking very grown up when she appeared at a recent premiere. Her little sister Elle, 10, is fast on her footsteps and also looking “kind of” grown up. Elle is currently working on Sofia Coppola’s new film Somewhere, which also stars Stephen Dorff. Both girls attend a private school in Los Angeles. And no, I don’t think they are dating yet. Lindsay Lohan has formed a production company, and already several shows are in the works. One is about the fashion world, and there’s also a dating game. However, I’ll believe all this when I see them on the screen. Whichever, or whatever, it’s interesting to hear that Lindsay seems to be settling down. And yes, she’s changed the color of her hair again. At this writing, it’s gone from blonde to reddish brown. Natalie Portman has been cast in Thor, a film based on the comic book about the God of Thunder. She plays Jane Foster, a nurse who became Thor’s first love. Chris Hemesworth plays Thor. Aside to Bertha G. of San Diego. Yes, Kelly Ripa has children. Two. Michael Joseph and Lola Grace. She is married to Mark Consuelos. One little-known fact is that she has a 4-inch tattoo of a flower on the inside of her left ankle. And yes, she and Regis get along just fine. Interesting. Time was when all the girls had curly, frizzy hair like Bernadette Peters. Now, it’s usually long and very, very straight. It always kind of tickles me, because I have al ways had very, very straight hair and used to go to bed every night with it rolled in bobby pins to make it curly for the next day. “Tempus doth fugit,” and styles constantly change. Hollywoodites became so sated with the saga of Michael Jackson on the tube that they started a game. First one to say “Michael” pays for the dinner. It got to be tough in my family. My nephew’s name is Michael, so we took to calling him “Hey You.”

BITS ‘N’ PIECES: Little Opie has grown up to be famed director Ron Howard, and come October, he will be honored with an award at the Austin Film Festival. … Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman head to Broadway to star in A Steady Rain. … Word round is that Paris has called it quits with her latest “lovein.” … A condo out this way is cheap at $770,000. … You wouldn’t know it was Roseanne. Now she is slim, trim and blonde. … Fans have found a new way to find their favorite stars. They check out beauty salons and barber shops, and often find a favorite being worked on. (c) 2009 King Features Synd., Inc.