Jill Jackson’s Hollywood

by Jill Jackson

HOLLYWOOD…Robert Redford is turning all his Robert Redford talent to directing. His next will be about Mary Surratt, who was convicted for abetting the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. His most recent release was Lions for Lambs. Besides his acting and directing, Redford manages to keep the Sundance Film Festival going. As to his private life, that’s what it is: VERY PRIVATE. I can’t imagine a comedy about cancer. But that’s how they’re billing I’m With Cancer, starring James McAvoy. This based on the life of screenwriter Will Reiser, who was told he had cancer when he was in his 20s and successfully battled the disease for several years. When Nicole Kidman walked out on Woody Allen’s latest film, Lucy Punch took over the role. Now she is being noticed by all the right people and getting many offers. Her next will be Dinner for Schmucks, about a pathetic guy who is invited to a very posh dinner party. Lucy’s latest films are Hot Fuzz and Ella Enchanted. Wouldn’t it have been fun if her parents had named her Judy instead of Lucy. Remember the old “Punch and Judy” shows? Clint Eastwood gets honored on Dec. 1 by the New York Museum of the Moving Image. It will be a big “do,” with much ado about his 25 years both in front of and behind the camera. Meanwhile, he continues as mayor of Carmel, Calif. while seeking out other properties to produce. As for his private life, I’m not too “in” on that, but rest assured his life is not all work and no pleasure. Call from Joan Fontaine, who also lives in Carmel, Calif., with a joke. (We exchange them periodically.) She’s in great shape, enter taining at dinner parties and such, and looking beautiful. AND, if any of you “young ‘uns” out there have never seen Rebecca, The Constant Nymph, Suspicion and others, find them and enjoy. Awards and more awards. There is always one kind or another, and everybody wants one. This time, among all the others, is the Samuel Goldwyn Writing Awards. Hilary Swank is one of the judges. Matter of fact, there are so many awardees for so many awards, it’s hard to find judges. I’m not apprised of how many of you watch the late-night shows, one with David Letterman, the other with Conan O’Brien. I do. And it always interests me that the ladies appear mostly in those “little nothing” dresses, revealing much leg, shoulders and etc. (All except Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts, who wore stun ning suits.)

BITS ‘N’ PIECES:Offers for shows on the big screen and the small one keep coming in to Paula Abdul. … Paris keeps changing boyfriends like most people change bed sheets: Once a week. … Lindsay Lohan is really a good actress. If only she would stick to that. … And for an interesting “look back,” Lauren Bacall was born in 1924, the same year that her future husband Humphrey Bogart got married for the first time. … And Britney’s behaving this week!

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