Jill Jackson’s Hollywood

by Jill Jackson

HOLLYWOOD… It’s been a tough time in Tinsel- Robert Downey Jr. town, what with all the fires, heat and smoke. Luckily, all the film studios are air conditioned, but all outside filming is “no go.” It’s also “no come” for tourists, what with ashes falling all about, the heat and the bad air. Hopefully by the time you read this, things will be better. Meanwhile, let’s look at what does go on.

My gorgeous Chris Pine’s next is Unstoppable, to be produced by Mimi Rogers. And does that name ring a bell? Yup, Mimi was a former actress once married to Tom Cruise. Now she’s a producer. As for Chris, he’s still dodging the ladies, and becoming a bigger and bigger name by the minute.

Aside to Kathryn P. of San Clemente, Calif.: Yes, I was lucky enough to have known Edward G. Robinson. I was quite young, just starting out in radio, and I came from New Orleans to Hollywood each summer to tape interviews. Screenwriter Frances Marion was a friend of the Robinsons. (He was then married to Gladys.) She took me to their home in Beverly Hills, and oh, what a home it was: palatial, with another smaller structure housing his painting collection. He owned many of the masters. Although he played villainous villains, Eddie Robinson was one of the sweetest people who ever lived. Kind, gentle and oh so intelligent. We remained friends throughout his lifetime. If any of you out there have never seen his films, treat yourself to some of the best acting ever.

My neighbors, Sally Marr and Peter Dudar, both excellent artists, also are peace activists. They have written an operetta titled “Cross My Heart — Voices from War,” now playing onstage in Hollywood. Peter, also an excellent musician and composer, wrote the score. And from what I’m told by those who have enjoyed this opus, there should be more from the team of Sally Marr and Peter Dudar. PS: They also are wonderful, caring neighbors.

No doubt about it. Robert Downey Jr. is one of the best actors in the business, even though in private life he might be a bit erratic. His latest project for the big screen will be Cowboys and Aliens. It’s a sci-fi Western based on the book about what would happen if traditional enemies, cowboys and Native Americans, found the prairie attacked by aliens in mid-1800 Arizona.

Aside to Natalie G. of Ocala, Fla.: Agreed, I do not like Brad Pitt with mustache and beard, and surely he will keep it that way only for a film. I don’t venture to name his number of kids and all their names, because I will have to find out. And yes, he and Angelina do own homes in France, New Orleans and California. Beyond that, I’m not apprised of any of their other real estate holdings.

BITS ‘N’ PIECES: Rumer Willis is the “spittin’ image” of her mother, Demi. … I didn’t know till I read it somewhere that Warren Beatty and Madonna had a bit of a “go round” during the filming of Dick Tracy back in 1990. … Leonardo DiCaprio looking most mature in a recent interview. He’s no longer the “playboy” of the Hollywood nightclubs. One of my most memorable movie moments was his scene in the ocean with Kate Winslet when they abandoned the sinking Titanic. … And by the way, don’t miss the movie Julie and Julia. It’s sheer delight!

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