Jill Jackson’s Hollywood

by Jill Jackson

HOLLYWOOD… After working together in Invictus, which you’ll be seeing soon, Matt Damon and Clint Eastwood again team for Hereafter. I’m told Hereafter is a supernatural thriller, and that’s all I’ve been told at the moment…. It’s amazing how Matt Damon has risen from “just a name” to one of our bigger stars. And his success also may be attributed to his “getting out there” and promoting all of his pictures. In case you care to know more about him, he was born in Cambridge, Mass. in 1970. He attended Harvard University. His film debut was a small part in Mystic Pizza, which also featured Julia Roberts’ first starring role, and his career took off after that. When he was a youngster and needed money, he would “break dance” on the streets. And he lost 40 pounds to play a drug addict in Courage Under Fire. There’s much more to his interesting life, but then we would be writing a book instead of a column.

If only we could get rid of those interminable “thank yous” on the award shows. Why, oh why, do the winners have to thank “mom and dad, my kids, their aunts and uncles and cousins,” and etc. Why can’t they just say “Thank you.” Or maybe it’s just me? I’ve had to sit through too many of them — and Oscar is still to come. Already the push is on for nominations.

Aside to Jennifer R. of Baton Rouge, La.: You ask how those actresses who appear on the late shows in those little black dresses revealing lots of arms, legs and shoulders have those arms, legs and shoulders looking so smooth and lovely. The answer to that is “body make-up.” It’s applied to those revealed parts just as “us gals” put on pancake and other type foundations. As to “being told what to wear,” I don’t think so. And as to those “lovely long legs,” I guess they were just born with them.

Aside to Mimi K. of Monroe, La.:

You ask if I knew Marilyn Monroe. Unfortunately, no. When I was just getting started, there was a junket to Reno, where she was filming Some Like It Hot with Clark Gable. I was flown there with other members of the press. There was a terrible forest fire, which blew out the electricity all over town. There was to be a press conference where Marilyn was to appear, but she didn’t. Something about hair dryers or some such excuse. So I never talked to the successful Monroe. But before that, I had lunch at the 20 th Century Fox studio with an up-and-coming young starlet named Marilyn Monroe. She didn’t say much. The publicist did all the talking. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating.

BITS ‘N’ PIECES: My friend in New Orleans tells me that the house Sandra Bullock bought in the Garden District is right next door to hers, but at this writing there is no sign of her moving in. And the house where The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was shot is still vacant, and up for sale. So much for Garden District real estate…. Chris Pine is in Pennsylvania shooting Unstoppable. And no, I heard from a good source that there is still no “numero uno” lady in his life…. Lindsay is quiet; Paris is quiet; Britney is quiet — at the moment. Let’s hope it stays that way. No “copters” hovering over my “digs” day and night.

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