Jill Jackson’s Hollywood

(Last Updated On: October 28, 2009)

by Jill Jackson

HOLLYWOOD…Biggest news still bouncing around town is Andrew Lloyd Webber’s announcement that there will be a sequel to his Phantom of the Opera. The new musical will be titled Love Never Dies. It will be staged in New York, but will open in London in March. Phantom was one of the world’s longest-running musicals, and folks are still singing the tunes. Yup, there is something to talk about besides Paris, Lindsay, Britney, Leo, George, Julia, etc.

I’ve always loved the name Parker Posey. It has that rhythmic sort of ring and is fun to say. And news is that actress Parker Posey has joined the cast of Highland Park, now shooting in Detroit. More about this later when we know more.

Big doings in Savannah, Ga., where Southern accents ease the ears. The 12 th annual Savannah Film Festival will showcase 22 professional films, 12 student films and lots more individual offerings. This along with singing and dancing and, of course, eating.

Aside to Barbara B. of Houston: I think I’ve answered this before, but I guess it bears repeating. Yup, I am performing as that policewoman in charge of Lana Turner in Madame X. However, even though I had many scenes with her, I really didn’t get to know Lana well because I was not allowed to talk to her. I kid you not. And yes, Keir Dullea is still around. He is appearing in a TV series now.

And yes, I was in Tammy and the Doctor. That was made quite a while back when I first arrived in Hollywood. I can’t find myself in this one, though. I was completely covered up from toes to top with a cap, face mask and scrub uniform. But I did get a check, so that told me I was in the cast.

Enough of the early days and back to the present. Governor Arnie, — once a Hollywood star, now a bigwig politician — is protecting actors’ privacy. He has signed into law an actor’s right to sue anyone, from the media or elsewhere, who invades his or her privacy. And believe me, many have done so by hiding in bushes, tailing celebs and other devious means for peeping where they shouldn’t.

Chris Pine’s agent tells me that she has so many offers for his appearance — in films, onstage, at festivals — that she can’t keep up with them. Meanwhile, Chris goes merrily on making pictures, enjoying his popularity and staying the sweet, courteous young man he was before he became a big, big star.

Kirk Douglas once said, “If you write a book, you ask, ‘Do you like my book?’ If you paint a picture, you say, ‘Do you like the picture I painted?’ But if you become an actor, you say, ‘Do you like me?’ That’s why it’s so painful if people say they don’t.”

BITS ‘N’ PIECES: Rock Hudson was born in 1925, but his agent added two years to his age to secure more mature roles for him. … Jessica Tandy was born in England. … Bela Lugosi in Transylvania. … And Audrey Hepburn in Belgium. … Britney, Paris and Lindsay were born right here in the good old USA.

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