Jill Jackson’s Hollywood

by Jill Jackson

HOLLYWOOD…We haven’t heard much from Charlize Theron lately, but now we learn she has pulled out of The Tourist and Angelina Jolie will replace her. It is not clear what happened; if I find out, I’ll tell you. An interesting aside about Charlize is how many times she has changed her hair color. One never knows whether it will be blonde, brown, or black. Perhaps she feels brunette is villainous and blonde is virtuous. However, or whatever, she’s a helluva fine actress.

And to tell you Charlize Theron who have asked. Yes. Tom Selleck is still active in the business. He is just looking for the right material to come along. His last outing — Las Vegas — didn’t do well. Meanwhile he rides his horses, tends his avocado ranch and enjoys life with Jillie and daughter Hannah.

And to others of you who have asked, “What is the Sunset Strip?” Let me explain. Sunset Boulevard is a 30-mile-long street from downtown Los Angeles to the Pacific Ocean. As it passes through Hollywood, there is about a 2- to 3-mile stretch that features nightclubs, theaters and restaurants. It is always filled with activity, shoppers, nightclub- and restaurant-goers, and a pack of merrymakers. It’s where you are likely to find Leo, Tobey, Paris, Lindsay, Britney and the like. AND it’s more fun to walk it than ride through it.

Now, back to Tom Selleck and how he met his wife Jillie Mack. He was in London and went to a performance of the musical Cats. There was a femme performer who fascinated him, so he asked to be taken backstage to meet her. They met. They dated. They fell in love. They mated. And so goes the saga of the Sellecks.

Laura Dern is another we haven’t heard much from lately, but now the news is she will join the cast of the sequel to Meet the Fockers. The working title of this pic is Little Fockers, but I’m sure that will change before release. Probably you know Laura is the daughter of Bruce Dern and Diane Ladd, so she has inherited her talent twofold.

Chris Pine’s name surfaces again. Word from his agent is he can’t keep up with all the offers for starring roles in BIG pictures. And this the saga of a young actor who went into an agent’s office and said, “Will you represent me?” And yes. As I said before, if I were a bit younger, I would be first in line for his personal attention.

If you think you’ve had your fill of Sarah Palin interviews, think again. She will be making the rounds of all the talk shows pushing her recent book. One which should prove interesting is her appearance on “Oprah.” When Oprah puts her seal on a book — it sells!

Bits ‘n’ pieces: Liam Neeson, still grieving the loss of his beloved Natasha, has joined the cast of a thriller titled The Next Three. … And Tatum O’Neal will take the title role in a flick titled Sweet Lorraine. If memory serves me correctly, I think there is an old song with that same title. … Mickey Rooney out and about and just as perky as ever. … Jennifer Aniston making the talk- show rounds looking quite sexy with long, long, long, straight, straight blonde hair pounding about her bare shoulders as if to keep her warm. … As of now, Titanic is the most expensive movie ever made, costing more than $200 million bucks to produce.

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