Jill Jackson’s Hollywood

by Jill Jackson

HOLLYWOOD…It’s not yet Thanksgiving, but the Christmas lights are everywhere, along with Santa Clauses floating round and all those other things that go with the holiday. Soon filmmaking will take off until the new year. The stars will be hopping around to their favorite vacation spots, and the tourists will be pouring in.

An interesting question in Parade magazine from a reader: “Clark Gable was the most handsome and magnetic star of all time. Whom would you choose to play him in a biopic?” The answer was George Clooney. I heartily agree. And then if they want a young, young Gable, I would go for Chris Pine.

Aside to Nora C. of St. Louis: Bill Clinton wanting to be a movie star? Where did you get that idea? First of all, at his age he would have to be a character actor. Secondly, I don’t think he has aspirations for “in front of” the camera, although I do believe he might want to write for films or television.

And to Loraine G. of Bay St. Louis, Miss.: Good question, but I don’t know the answer. One of these days I will hang on the phone for hours trying Helen Mirren

to get through to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to find the answer to your query as to why Kiefer Sutherland has a star on the Walk of Fame, while his father, Donald, who is a very fine actor, does not.

CBS airs “The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show” featuring the Black Eyed Peas on Tuesday night, Dec. 1. The name of the band is quite appropriate for that time of year. Where I come from, New Orleans, we always ate black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day for good luck. Still do.

And speaking of TV, I am most happy NOT to be a TV critic and have to sit through some of those awful shows. Call me Mrs. Scrooge if you care to, but I think “Brothers and Sisters” is one of the worst.

Going back a bit to the Amelia premiere in the Big Apple, Richard Gere admitted to a fear of flying and a fear of heights, while Hilary Swank looked more like a boy than a girl with a boyish hairbob. However, her long earrings helped. Also, she was one of the few femmes who did NOT wear an off-the-shoulder dress. Perhaps I’m repeating myself, but it bears repeating. When I first came to Hollywood no one ever wore little black dresses. It was always high color. Now all we see at any “do” is the little black dress in some drape or form.

Helen Mirren’s talents came to the fore again with a big award from the Rome Film Festival for her portrayal of Leo Tolstoy’s wife in The Last Station. Mirren’s talents have no bounds. She’s played just about every type of role a female can play. Her personal life also is good. She has apartments in several cities, and enjoys life in each.

BITS ‘N’ PIECES: George Clooney wowed the crowd at the world premiere of Fantastic Mr. Fox, but then “Gorgeous George” would wow the crowd anywhere. … Joan Fontaine, pretty as ever, driving about in the Carmel area with her four doggies in their car seats. … There is a self-help group for compulsive talkers. It’s called ON AND ON ANON. … Yves Montand once said: “A man can have two, three love affairs. After that it’s cheating” (I know some who would call one cheating).

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