Jill Jackson’s Hollywood

by Jill Jackson

HOLLYWOOD…A gorgeous picture of Sigourney Weaver in a recent feature in Parade magazine, telling all about her life and career. At age 60, she is more beautiful than in her earlier years. And of course, as with most stars, she has had a tuck here and a nip there; but however and whatever, she continues to deliver. Perhaps you didn’t know, but her given name was Susan. The “Sigourney” came along with the career.

Uma Thurman’s next will be an adaptation of Guy de Maupassant’s short story “Bel Ami.” And speaking of names, I’ve always wanted to ask Uma where she got hers. Unfortunately, I’ve never met her in person. And while we’re on the subject of names, the lady dating Chris Pine is Olivia Nunn. That’s all I know about her for now, except she sure is lucky! And yes, Chris Pine is his real name.

The last time I saw a picture of Brad Pitt, he had a heavy beard and mustache. I didn’t like it. For my money, he is more handsome clean-shaven. In the most recent photo I’ve seen of George Clooney, he was short-haired and graying. I didn’t like that either. However, those guys don’t consult me on their hirsute adornments.

Aside to Martha Lemann of Hammond, La.: You ask if Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien are enemies because Conan took over Jay’s “The Tonight Show” spot. At the moment I can’t tell you because I don’t know, but I will get my “snoopers” out, and will inform you when I do.

And to Hubert H. of San Diego: Yes, Michael Caine is married to a lady named Shakira, but she is not the same Shakira who sings, dances and makes all kinds of other noises. By the way, he is now Sir Michael Caine and expects to be addressed as such. His given name is Michael Joseph Micklewhite Jr., and if I might add, he’s one “helluva” fine actor.

It did not happen in Hollywood.

The Tiger Woods episode took place in Florida, as you no doubt know. Everything “gossipy” doesn’t always occur in Tinseltown. Even the usual suspects — Lindsay, Leo, Paris, Britney and a few other “stirreruppers” — have been quietly under cover. For now, anyway.

BITS ‘N’ PIECES: Come February, Sandra Bullock receives the Santa Barbara Film Festival’s American Riviera Award. Some of her box-office hits have been The Proposal and The Blind Side…. In January, Helen Mirren will receive a Career Achievement Award at a big gala in Palm Springs, Calif. Bob Hope never won an Oscar, and that’s what he wanted above all else. One year, when he hosted the affair, he said, “Welcome to the Academy Awards Show, or, as it is known at our house, ‘Passover.’”

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