Jill Jackson’s Hollywood

by Jill Jackson

Jill Jackson’s Hollywood by Jill Jackson

HOLLYWOOD…Hollywood is settling back to normality (as normal as Hollywood can) after the “holidaze.” Big auction at the Hollywood Entertainment Museum with much showbiz stuf on the block. There were swords and Roman armor from Ben-Hur, David Carradine’s harmonica from Kung Fu, Thing hand from The Addams Family, along with hundreds of original scripts, photographs, props and posters.

Producer James Cameron is the man of the hour, what with the great success of Avatar and all his other blockbusters earning him a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and being feted at many gatherings. I still think Titanic is his best, and will never forget that scene in the water with Kate Winslet and Leo DiCaprio. At the moment, Cameron has not announced what is next on his plate.

At irst I was fascinated with singer Susan Boyle, but now I’m tiring a bit of her overexposure. I’m sure she doesn’t care. However, it will be fun to see where her career goes from here. Maybe a TV show or a movie about her. Certainly there is interesting fodder in her unfolding story.

Aside to Harvey L. of San Diego:

You ask about Richard Simmons. No, he hasn’t been on the tube much of late, but he still has his itness “digs” and takes many pupils through the rigors of his exercises. And bet on it that you will see him again soon on the tube.

Aside to Ernestine J. of San Clemente, Calif.: No, Sheryl Crow and Russell Crowe are not related. As you can see, he has an “e” on the end of his last name and she does not. And yes, I do think Russell is one of our iner actors. I don’t know him personally.

And to Lillian M. of Montgomery, Ala.: Yes, I watch all the late shows. And yes, I think the emcees have their idiosyncrasies. Dave waves his hands; Leno keeps putting his hands in his pants pockets; Conan clasps his hands like he’s praying.

Susan Sarandon on a recent “Late Show with David Letterman” looking 20 years younger. (She had to have had a few tucks here and there.) She took great glee showing Dave her tattoos. One on her arm looked like a bracelet, another went down her back. Well, as I always say, to each his — or her — own.

This doesn’t happen often. Disney has called of Wedding Banned, a romantic comedy starring Robin Williams and Diane Keaton. No reason has yet been given. Now Diane and Robin are looking for other projects, but with their backgrounds they won’t be looking long or far.

BITS ‘N’ PIECES: At a certain barber shop the reading material consisted only of paperback mysteries, thrillers and ghost stories. When the owner was asked why, his reply was that it made readers’ hair stand up, thus making it easier to cut…. How many of you know that Clark Gable and Loretta Young had an afair going for many years, but never married? … AND did you know that Warren Beatty refused both leading roles in Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid? … As of right this minute, no word from Paris, Lindsay or Britney, but we could have something at any moment!

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