Jill Jackson’s Hollywood

by Jill Jackson

HOLLYWOOD…Big talk about town is still Avatar. It’s the largest grossing film of all time, knocking Gone With the Wind right out of the box! Betcha if Clark Gable was still around, he would “give a damn!” And James Cameron is certainly the director of the hour.

ABC has jumped on a pilot film for airing at some point. The title: Women Are Crazy, Men Are Stupid. Other networks are jumping on other pilots, and things are returning to a modicum of sobriety after a frenzied few weeks — what with Christmas, New Year’s, the Rose Parade, the bowl games AND the tourists.

Aside to Maureen G. of Tampa, Fla.:

Yes, it’s true that Julie Andrews had an operation that marred her vocal chords, but you can still hear those wondrous tones each time The Sound of Music is rerun. Also, she has many recordings out there for you to purchase. And Julie is by no means idle. She’s busily turning out children’s books and tending to her busy social and home life.

Another way to become a celebrity:

Be a pilot and land a jetliner safely in the middle of the Hudson River, like Captain “Sully” Sullenberger. And he certainly deserves his celebrity. Not only for his heroism, but for that wonderful smile and gentlemanly manner — and his good lucks. Sullenberger was grand marshal of this year’s Rose Bowl parade, riding in a vintage 1928 Pierce Arrow with his wife and daughters.

Jennifer Aniston doesn’t trust her tresses to just any hairstylist. She has her own personal hairstylist and takes her with her wherever she goes. As for her personal life, she also takes that with her wherever she goes. Therefore, we know not much about it.

Vampires are all the rage out this way. Everywhere one goes, it isn’t little kids playing hopscotch or jumping ropes. They are attired in sheets, running around and howling.

I’ve written about how Letterman, Jay and Conan use their hands — Jay stashes his in his pants pockets, Conan clasps his as if in constant prayer and Dave waves his around, his big long fingers accentuating every syllable — but what about the daytime talkers? Ellen DeGeneres uses mostly her feet, pointing her toes outward as she jiggles and presumably dances. Oprah just sort of wiggles her mouth. So much for talkshow hosts and hostesses.

Drew Barrymore appearing on a late show defying the “little black nothing” dress syndrome, instead wearing a tan, flimsy, bare-shoulder number. Very flattering. Her hair was short and straight, and she bore the famous Barrymore profile. Drew is like a beautiful wind-up doll, and very intelligent.

BITS ‘N’ PIECES: On the subject of the famous Barrymores, there were John, Ethel, Lionel, John Drew (son of John) and of course Drew. Rarely mentioned is the beautiful Dolores Costello, married to John and grandmother to Drew. She was in the first talking picture, Glorious Betsy. … Finally, Chris Pine back from filming his latest and looking at the scripts pouring in. As for looking at the ladies, I have to find out about that!

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