Jill Jackson’s Hollywood

by Jill Jackson

HOLLYWOOD… Big Cuba Gooding Jr. excitement in the last month of 2009 when Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio showed up at the London premiere of Revolutionary Road. Leonardo in shirt, jacket and tie, (no T-shirt here) and Kate in one of those “little nothing” black dresses. There was a lot of hand kissing and bowing and curtsying before they joined the sit-down audience.

First lady Michelle Obama made yellow the fashionable color after parading down the street in a yellow suit at last year’s inauguration. However, lately she has been wearing a lot of red. Looks like she will be another fashion trendsetter a la Jackie Kennedy.

And again, conversation of film writers at lunch.

This time on the sexiest femme in films. ALL agreed it had to be Marilyn Monroe, but the most gorgeous face ever to grace a screen belongs to Greta Garbo.

I’ll buy that anytime, anywhere. How about you?

Now on to “hairdos” in ‘09. Definitely long. Definitely straight. Definitely parted in the middle. However, the color was anywhere from blonde, to red, to black, to brown. Wearer’s choice.

Congratulations to Cuba Gooding Jr. for his Screen Actor’s Guild nomination in the Male Actor in a TV Movie or Miniseries category. This for his Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story. And what a nice person he is. Several years ago he received an award from the Hollywood Women’s Press Club, and I was awarded its Life Achievement Award. He came all the away across a crowded room to shake my hand. I wish him well in all his ventures.

On the map, Palm Springs is a little spot in the California desert. However, it’s one of the richest communities in the state, housing many celebs and lots of the very, very rich. AND when it held its film festival, it was indeed a GALA! Celebrated this year were Morgan Freeman and Helen Mirren. Not the biggest stars in the galaxy, but definitely two of the best actors. Everyone showed up in their finest finery with the “little nothing, show everything” black dress very much in evidence on the ladies, and everything from T-shirt to tuxedo on the men.

The Gyllenhaals would never have gotten away with that name in the old days when every name was changed to one easy syllable, like Bessie Love. Something easy to pronounce, something easier to spell. It certainly would have been easier for me. I have to look up the spelling every I write that name.

Want to make a mint? Become a plastic surgeon and settle in Hollywood. Just take a close look at all those middle-aged fresh faces, and you will know where they have been. They paid a fortune to get back that fresh new look. AND there are lots of them. (Fresh new looks, that is.)

BITS ‘N’ PIECES: Just a bit. Britney, Paris and Lindsay haven’t stirred up any smoke so far into the new year.

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