Jill Jackson’s Hollywood

by Jill Jackson

HOLLYWOOD…Relax, girls! That cute little lady with Chris Pine at a recent award show was his agent, Susan Schwarz, who is happily married to entertainment attorney Stuart Berton. She tends Chris’ career, and the “buck stops there.” So, don’t despair. As far as I know, there is no one at the moment as a permanent fixture in Chris’ life.

Letter from Helen B. Kelly of Brooklyn, NY berating me for saying Johnny Depp is not sexy. Says Kelly, “Are you out of your mind? How can you say Johnny Depp is not sexy?” She recommends I see a good eye doctor. However, she does say that other than that, she enjoys the column. So, Helen, thanks for reading, and I shall certainly seek the sex in Johnny Depp.

There will be no Spider-Man 4. Columbia Pictures has scrapped the present script and is looking at a new one that wouldn’t be produced until 2012. And that’s all I know about it for now, except that Spidey star Tobey McGuire is looking at other projects and spending his spare time riding his bike about. On the personal side, Tobey doesn’t smoke, drink or eat meat, and he works out extensively to keep fit.

Aside to King H. of Birmingham, Ala.: I won’t argue with you. You say Angelina Jolie is the sexiest femme in films today. I can’t think of any other who would knock her out of the box.

It was a hoot! I hope some of you saw Kiefer Sutherland on the “Late Show with David Letterman” wearing a dress. He lost a bet. Didn’t say what it was, but there he was in a fluffy frock waving his bare legs about while everybody had fun watching. AND maybe by the time you read this, the Conan-Leno whoop-dedo will be resolved.

Sharon Stone’s immediate future is assured. She will appear on NBC’s “Law and Order SUV” for four episodes playing a cop turned prosecutor. Here’s a lady that’s like rare wine. She looks better and better with age. And while pursuing a career, she still manages to have a fun kind of life.

Honestly! And I know I’m being redundant. BUT those “little black nothing” dresses are looking more and more like bathing suits. On every show, at every party, everywhere. Hopefully the fashion will change soon. It would be nice to see some red and blue and even green for a change!

Bryce Dallas Howard stars in Loss of a Teardrop Diamond, and she appeared at the premiere party on the arm of her dad — actor, writer, producer Ron Howard. The two have a truly loving relationship.

Those of you who come from rainy country as I do (New Orleans) know how to deal with the drops. Not so in Tinseltown, where water rarely falls from the sky. Hardly anyone has rain gear or an umbrella (except the big ones on the beach to protect from the sun). So when the drops do fall, they run for shelter, slip around on the wet roads and give thanks for the much-needed water. But as the awards season is here, let’s hope they don’t fall too often — or too hard.

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