Jill Jackson’s Hollywood

by Jill Jackson

HOLLYWOOD…Still a mystery how all those lovely ladies in little-nothing dresses and no wraps didn’t get pneumonia walking the Golden Globes red carpet in the cold. Also, those who will admit, do admit that the show was a bit long and more than a bit boring. And wait, all ye award-show watchers, there are more to come.

This is not really Hollywood news, but it’s news. I was never a Katie Couric fan until now. After watching her on “The Charley Rose Show” tell about her coverage of the Haitian disaster, and the young 13-year-old lying in the street who held on to her while they set both his broken legs, I say “Congrats, Katie.” It must have really been a “tough go.”

And please, please George, and I mean Clooney, please get rid of that hairy facial stuff. You are gorgeous clean-shaven, but under that hirsute adornment — No!

Glenn Close, on the “Late Show With David Letterman,” in a skirt and blouse looking not at all like those “little black dress” ladies. And next time you see her, take a good, long look at her face. A trip to a plastic surgeon, maybe? … AND aren’t you a wee bit tired of this Jay Leno/Conan O’Brien brouhaha. … And while we’re on random subjects, if ever there is a need to portray President Barack Obama, try Denzel Washington.

Remember when Sarah Ferguson married into the royal family? She was sort of heavy, with bouncing red hair. Today she is slim and trim, with the trendy long, straight hair, bangs and parted in the middle. It’s also a whole new facial look, and she is “tres sexee.” What’s next for the Duchess of York in showbiz, well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Aside to Kerry G. of Miami:

You ask why we don’t see more pictures of the stars’ kids, e.g., you would love to see Julia Roberts’ twins Phin and Hazel. Answer: They have good reason to maintain their privacy and not flaunt pics of the offspring, ever since way back when the Lindbergh baby was kidnapped.

And to Bertha J. of Santa Barbara, Calif.: You ask why we don’t see Paris, Britney, Lindsay and the like presenting at award shows. Good question. I’ll try to find the right answer, although I think it’s because they have never been award winners. They have merely “performed” in private life BITS ‘N’ PIECES: Harrison Ford may be a good actor, but he is certainly not a good interview. Watching him on “The Late Show” was dull. However, he still brings in big bucks at the box office, and that’s what counts in the totaling up. … Chris Pine back in Hollywood after shooting in Philadelphia. And as far as I know, there is no “numero uno femme” in his life. … Did you know that Grace Kelly and Ray Milland had a romping affair before she met her “Monaco Man”? … And Warren Beatty and Joan Collins had “a go-round” for a while. … And finally, Alfred and Alma Hitchcock once gave a dinner party where all the food was dyed BLUE. I kid you not!

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