Jill Jackson’s Hollywood

by Jill Jackson

HOLLYWOOD… Talk about hard names to write about when it comes to the spelling. Here’s a really big one for you. (And me.) Zach Galifianakis, who starred in The Hangover, has some more comedies in the works. Dinner for Schmucks is due out in July, followed by Will. It’s about people whose lives and destinies are written by scribes in Heaven. A man wakes up one day to find his scribe (Galifianakis) will no longer draft his life. So he must go along on an unscripted journey to fulfill his potential. And that’s enough of that. All I started out to do was to tell you how hard some names are to spell.

It doesn’t happen until March. The Oscar Show. But already many of the “girls” have made their beauty and hairdressing appointments. And you can bet your last buck — come rain or come shine — there will more bared shoulders than you can count. Also, Hollywood is learning to cope with “raindrops falling on their shoulders.” I kid you not. When I first moved out here from “rainy” New Orleans, one very rarely saw rain. Now, sometimes we get it in buckets, and no one knows how to deal with it. PS: We are learning fast, though.

Here’s something I would like to share with you.

Most of my colleagues work on a computer or some other electronic device. Not this reporter. I’m still pecking out on a small portable Olivetti that I call “Ollie.” It’s a superstition. Here’s the interesting part: Recently, a portable Olivetti (like Ollie) was auctioned for $37,000! How about that! Somebody besides this writer still uses a typewriter.

Now back to Tinseltown. Aside to Nolan K. of Butte, Mont.: You ask about the Paul Newman book and if what the author says “went on” is true? I wish I could answer you, but with all my interviews and acquaintances, I have never crossed paths with the Newmans. However, I doubt any of the statements are untrue, because if so the family could sue for libel.

And to Noreen K. of Santa Barbara, Calif.: Yes, Carol Burnett is an adorable, fun lady. I got to know her well when her daughter Erin lived in my apartment building and Carol came to visit. Maybe the reason she doesn’t do too many more TV shows is because she doesn’t want to, or just maybe she doesn’t get the offers anymore.

BITS ‘N’ PIECES: Tinseltown still praising John and Kelly Travolta for packing his private plane and flying supplies into Haiti. … The ballots are now out and Oscar members are preparing their votes. … Jay Leno is set to be the entertainer at the White House correspondents bash come May. … No nonsense at the moment from Lindsay, Paris or Britney, which makes things dull. EXCEPT folks are “hootin’ and hollerin’” with laughter over the big billboard on the Sunset Strip that reads: “Prince Frederic for Mayor.” Of course, you know that’s Zsa Zsa’s spouse.

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