Jill Jackson’s Hollywood

by Jill Jackson

HOLLYWOOD…In many polls and other announcements, Sandra Bullock has been named the sexiest actress on the screen today. I don’t agree. I do agree she is one of the best actresses out there, but NOT the sexiest. However, everyone has his or her own taste. If you want to know more about her, she was born in Arlington, Va. in 1964. Her mother was a European opera singer, so as a result, Sandra was shuttled around many countries. She attended East Carolina University and later studied at the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York. At the moment, she is at the height of her career, and shuttling between Hollywood and the home she bought in the Garden District of New Orleans. And a sidelight, there’s no telling what color her hair is. She changes that shade to fit the role she is playing, and when not, any color to her liking at the moment.

Aside to Richard H. of Amite, La.: I agree.

Zsa Zsa was once a “hoot.” Unfortunately, since her car accident, “t’aint” so anymore. She is in a wheelchair, and I’m told the memory is going. As to her “spouse” who calls himself Prince Frederic, we are all awaiting his political capers — what with his Sunset Boulevard billboard and etc. I’ll keep you posted. And yes, Zsa Zsa did have two sisters, Eva and Magda, both departed.

From now on until the big night, it’s all Oscar talk. I just wish organizers could find a way to end all those interminable “thank yous” to mom, dad, grandpa, Aunt Tillie, etc. And I wish something would happen, like the time a naked man ran out of the wings and streaked across the stage. David Niven was the emcee, and he just stood there with his mouth open, so aghast he couldn’t speak. You can bet your booty THAT won’t happen again. Everyone is ever on watch.

Meanwhile, let’s look for some more news. At the moment, it won’t be happening on the Sunset Strip, which is being torn up for repairs. Cars are detoured to more quiet routes, so Lindsay and Paris and Britney have no place to romp. We’ll let you know when the nightclub scene opens wide again. Meanwhile, speaking of “opening up,” that’s what Rosie O’Donnell has been doing on several talk shows, showing a softer, less feisty side.

And speaking of Paris, she has (for the moment) deserted Hollywood for New York. She and Letterman have definitely settled their differences, and she appeared on “The Late Show” with lots of hugging and kissing, and a big bunch of red roses given to her by Dave. AND, that short haircut she received in prison all gone, and her hair is once again long, blonde and lovely.

And speaking of “hairdos.” All the “gals” wearing those little black nothing dresses use their long, long hair to keep their shoulders warm.

BITS ‘N’ PIECES: Oprah Winfrey’s network will be known as OWN. Not bad for a girl from a small town who started out with nothing but “guts and talent” … One way to get a TV newcaster’s job is to become governor of Alaska and run for vice-president, e.g. Sarah Palin. Jane Seymour at the premiere of “Stomp” in black pants and shirt. No “nothing little black dress” for her. … And finally, joke going around New Orleans is that all the stars who have moved there are going as themselves on Mardi Gras.

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