Jill Jackson’s Hollywood

by Jill Jackson

HOLLYWOOD…There is some news beside Oscar. How’s this for a combination: Kathy Bates and Whoopi Goldberg? The ladies have joined the cast of Earthbound. The film stars Kate Hudson and is shooting in New Orleans. And speaking of my hometown, it has certainly been in the news what with the Saints winning the Super Bowl, Mardi Gras and all those big names in film located in the Big Easy. When I lived there, it was known as the City That Care Forgot. Then along came Hurricane Katrina, and that title was “forgot.” Now it’s Hollywood on the Mississippi, what with Brad and Angelina, Sandra Bullock, Nicolas Cage, Helen Mirren, Frances Ford Coppola, John Goodman and others having Rob Reiner homes there.

Rob Reiner has come a long way from the role of Meathead in “All In the Family.” He has been receiving all manner of awards for all manner of “doings.” The latest being the ACE Golden Eddie Filmmaker of the Year Award, given to him by American Cinema Editors. Now bearded and quite bald, he looks nothing like his old “Meathead” character, but he’s his same jolly self and a very nice man.

Already many beauty parlors and make-up places are booked for Oscar week, and you can bet your booty there will be lots of long, straight blond hair parted in the middle and hanging down over bare shoulders. And already, everyone is singing, “Rain, Rain, Go Away.”

Tom Cruise will reprise his role as Ethan Hunt in the next Mission: Impossible, and Paramount Pictures is really happy about that. Mission has always been big at the box office and, out here, THAT comes first. Of course you know Mr. C’s personal life has been smooth and happy since his marriage to Katie Holmes and the arrival of daughter Suri. And by the way, did you know his first job was as a busboy?

There are no two names in the business bigger than Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks, and when they team up, it’s dynamite. And they have, in a comedy titled Larry Crowne. Tom also is directing this story of a man reinventing his life. It shoots in Los Angeles come April. (And who can forget April and tax time?) Many moviegoers are likening Josh Duhamel, who stars in When In Rome, to Chris Pine. I don’t know about that, but there are both sexy, young, talented and male! Incidentally, Chris is back from filming in Philadelphia, and deciding on upcoming ventures. And for the umpteenth time to all of you who ask, as far as I know, there is no one lady in his life.

BITS ‘N’ PIECES: Janet Gaynor won the first Oscar presented to a female actress for her role in “Seventh Heaven.” Mary Pickford was the second Best Actress Oscar winner for Coquette in 1930. … And yes, Katherine Hepburn won a little man for Morning Glory in ‘33. Her big man was Spenser Tracy. … AND did you know how Clark Gable got discovered? He was repairing the phone of a drama coach 14 years his senior, and they became friends. They married, and she started his career. And what a career, I might add!

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