Joey and Marley Wall

by Brian Clarey

Doubtless you read a couple issues ago about the duo that comprises this week’s Page Three talent, Ms. Joey Wall and her 9-week-old infant Marley, who together with husband/father Brandon will experience this year’s Smilefest (one mother of a festival held June 2-4 in Lake Toxaway) as a family affair for the very first time. We thought mother and daughter would be perfect for this year’s Mother’s Day edition ‘— Joey’s never been one to shy away from a camera and Marley seems to have inherited her mother’s knack for PR ‘— the baby was recently featured on a local cable access show demonstrating infant massage. ‘“She’s young to have had so much publicity,’” Joey says. ‘“She’s really putting herself out there.’” Joey, owner of Vision Touch Therapeutic Bodywork massage located in the State Street Center for Renewal, is slowly integrating her work life with her relatively new role as mother. And Marley, for her part, seems to be getting the hang of things, West Coast style.