Josephine’s Kitchen to reopen as Scrambled

| @Triadfoodies

Last weekend marked an end of an era for a popular Greensboro restaurant. But the owners of Josephine’s Kitchen see it really as a new beginning. Two weeks ago, Chef Chris Blackburn and his restaurant partner, Sarah Keith, announced they would be ceasing lunch and dinner service at Josephine’s. But the duo, which also owns Lindley Park Filling Station, has something up their aprons. In a few weeks, the location will re-open as Scrambled, a breakfast and lunch destination. We were at Josephine’s last dinner service as patrons filled each and every seat to savor one last meal at one of the area’s premiere farm-to-table restaurants. There was no question that there were some sad diners there, their hearts full, as well as their bellies (we were two of them).

As Saturday’s dinner service was in full swing, Chef Blackburn would emerge from the kitchen, greeting each guest and thanking them for their business over the years. And Keith was misty-eyed as her family and others who’ve supported her since before she was a restaurant owner came in to say hello and hang out. Even top mixologist Mark Weddle, who’s been recovering from hip surgery, came in for the night to man the bar and to create his boozy concoctions for the last (but not really) time. “I wouldn’t have missed it.”

Josephine’s has enjoyed five years of award-winning dishes that use local ingredients, but Blackburn says this change is really part of going with the flow. “We really do have to evolve. We are keeping the concept and the brand of Josephine’s. We’re going to continue catering and doing private chef-ing, but at night, after Scrambled has closed for the day, Josephine’s will still be available for our wine dinners and for private events.” Blackburn says having the restaurant free in the evenings will also allow for him to use the space in a unique way. “I’m excited about the creative outlet it’s going to give me. I’ll be able to have cool pop-up dinners and I hope to have some really fun collaborative events with other chefs as well.”

Blackburn admits it’s bittersweet. “Folks have been coming in all week. We’ve been super busy with people who’ve supported us from the beginning. Just the other night, a couple whose favorite date spot was Josephine’s came in for one last time. They named their little girl Josephine. Things like that that let us know that we’ve done something special.”


Keith says it’s still going to be everything that they stand for in a restaurant, but with a focus on breakfast and brunch, seven days a week from 7am-3pm. “It will be fun, eclectic and casual with a focus on Saturday and Sunday brunch,” she said. Blackburn says he’s been working on the menu for over five months. “We’re still local, fresh, farm to table,” he says. “Look for really interesting items on the menu like falafel waffles, which is a savory waffle and Benedict Row, which will give diners a huge array of Benedicts to choose from.” Look for mixologist Weddle to craft some funky mimosas and Bloody Marys to go along. And expect a slightly new look. “The back of the booths are being lowered, it will be even more open. There will be some new fabrics. It’s going t o look awesome,” adds Blackburn.

Blackburn and Keith, who were recently engaged, say they look forward to enjoying their “off” evening hours at home to work on their restaurant garden as well as getting some sleep, especially in the immediate future. “Right now we’re going to take care of the business side here for a few days, then we’re going to take a nap and then we’ll be back getting everything ready to open Scrambled.”

As for Josephine’s Kitchen the restaurant….Blackburn says don’t count it out indefinitely. “We may see Josephine’s again at a different location…the name, what we do, that’s ours, and it’s not going anywhere.” !


Scrambled will be open from 7a-3pm daily, additional brunch items available on Saturday and Sunday. Check Scrambled’s Facebook page for immediate updates. Josephine’s Kitchen still offers catering services as well as private events. For info, contact 336.327.7050.