Julia Manning

It’shard to believe Julia Manning, this week’s Page Three model, suffersfrom shyness. Manning, the lead singer for Top 40 cover bandSuckerpunch, traces her demure nature back to childhood. “Peoplealways tried to get me to sing,” she said. “I’m really shy so it’s hardto get me to sing on the spot. I can’t explain it.” Manning vividlyremembers belting out radio favorites like Bon Jovi’s “Living on aPrayer” in the friendly confines of her living room. But when relativeswould visit, she’d clam up. Apparently, singing in front of largecrowds is the unofficial cure for shyness. Despite meetinghundreds of Suckerpunch fans over the past two years, Julia admits itwould take a lot of courage for her to simply walk up to a guy andstart a conversation. So take heed, fellas, if you go to theSuckerpunch show at JP Loonies on Feb. 27, you’ll have to make thefirst move.