Kahli Dearani

by Brian Clarey

We took a college girl to College Hill for this week’s installment of Page Three. That’s Kahli Dearani leaning against the mural. She’s 21 and a senior at UNCG studying sociology with a minor in business administration. She volunteers at the Y and with Grimsley High School’s football team. She also plays club volleyball and intramural basketball as well as juggling a modeling career and a catering job she’s set to start next week. Evidently nobody told Kahli that today’s generation of college kids are a bunch of slackers. When she clears space on her calendar for r&r she likes to head downtown’… Greene Street, the N Club. ‘“I went to Blur last week and that was pretty cool, too,’” she says. ‘“I like how there are so many colleges locally. There are a lot of people my age who I can meet and hang out with. I’m meeting new people like every month or so.’” And here’s some advice from us, Kahli: Don’t forget to take time to smell the roses. Or check out the murals.