Keep Going Greensboro

by YES! Weekly staff

Keep Going

Kudos to ArtsGreensboro and related entities, including city staff and a horde of volunteers, for making the initial National Folk Fest a success for the region.

The National Folk Fest kicked off a three-year run in Greensboro this past weekend with a well-attended festival that appears to have gone off without a hitch. Even the threat of rain failed to materialize, leaving festivalgoers free to enjoy the music, crafts and food.

The event kicked off in a downpour on Thursday night, as local singersongwriters held a launch event in the RailYard parking lot off of Lewis Street. More regionally known artists filled the bill, but it was Molly McGinn who stole the show with her “Food Truck Fight Song.”

The Folk Fest highlighted an impressive 30 days for Greensboro, between the appearance of one Tiger Woods at the Wyndham and a honky-tonk Dale Watson set this past weekend.

Greensboro is under the shovel across most of the city, from the bypass across the north side to the evolution of Gate City Boulevard as the Union Square Campus rises from the dirt and the UNCG rec center takes final shape. A pending streetscape between the coliseum and I-40 should transform that section of the city, which serves as a gateway for many visitors to Greensboro.

Once the facelift is done, and the downtown projects begin to take shape, the city could stand on the precipice of a new era of growth.

We should remain mindful of the challenges of poverty, lack of jobs and poor health that plague up to one-fifth of the city’s residents. We encourage city leaders to attack those problems with the same vigor with which they gave away some $30 million for a performing arts center and with as much spirit as they cheered the Folk Fest this past weekend.

That would strike a true balance between the mirth of the haves and the misery of the have-nots. !

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