Kelly Mock

by photo Kyle Rhines

This week’s Page Three model is a long drink of water. ‘“I’m freakishly tall,’” says Kelly Mock, the six-footer from Greensboro. ‘“I like it,’” she says, ‘“except for when it comes to finding pants.’” After graduation from Grimsley High in 2001, Ms. Mock obtained degrees in history and political science at Mt. Holyoke. These days she puts her heavyweight education to use waiting tables at the Melting Pot in Greensboro. ‘“I like to say I’m a professional fondue memory maker,’” she laughs. When she’s not melting cheese the young lady takes dance classes at Artistic Motion ‘— ‘“I’ve danced my whole life,’” she says ‘— and hangs her hat at live music venues like the Blind Tiger. ‘“I think they have a really good vibe at the Tiger,’” she says. ‘“They have live music every night and there’s always something I can get into.’” Unlike the places where she shops for pants.