Know Your Rights seminar Friday night in Warnersville

by Rebecca Harrelson

Unrest, racial inequality, police brutality, judicial rights; all are variables that play into day to day lives of many individuals. The Police Accountability Community Safety and Healing Initiative sponsored by the Beloved Community Center has brought together four facilitators to speak on those specific issues on Friday night. James Welch, Paula Damasceno, Graham Holt and Andre Robinson will be speaking at the Know Your Rights Seminar. The seminar will be held from 5:00pm-6:00pm on September 11th at the Warnersville Recreation Center, 601 Doak St. Greensboro.YES! Weekly spoke with Welch on why facilitating this conversation is important. “We understand that folks in certain areas are targeted and unlawfully arrested because they do not know their basic rights when encountering that particular police officer,” Welch said. “So the citizens review board will be hosting a series of seminars in particular areas that are affected the most by police misconduct.”Their goal: to put a stop to police misconduct and start holding police accountable for their actions. “Along with this training, we will also be role playing with the citizens in our community to make sure they know their rights and then at the end we will make space for community talk,” Welch said. “This is when the community can speak and ask questions related to their rights and further steps they can take if they feel like their rights have been violated.”Visit the Facebook page for this event for more information.