Knox Sloop

by Brian Clarey

If you don’t know this week’s Page Three model, Knox Sloop, then it’s possible that you live in a cave or maybe under a rock. As for us, we see him at restaurants. We see him in bars. We see him at the mall and we see him on the street. You can find him at Salon Blu downtown, where he’s been cutting hair for the past year or so, or at the Four Seasons Mall, where he works the Mac makeup counter at Belk. And if you’ve been to a fashion show in Greensboro in the last few months, then you’ve seen his work. We caught up with him by the sweet stuff in the mall, where he’s been toiling away this holiday season with just a little bit of attitude. ‘“Christmas is tacky,’” he says. ‘“I mean, I love color and all but’… it’s a little much.’”