Krispy Kreme introduces Baked Creations

by Charles Womack


My wife is convinced that the staff of Krispy Kreme knows when she is getting close to a store and cuts on the “Hot Donuts Now” sign as she approaches. The neon glow, like a magnet, pulls the helpless car and driver into the lot, usually for a single that turns into a dozen.

This could be the belief of many Krispy Kreme fans, who have come to call the little melt-in-your-mouth treats an addictive obsession.

If it wasn’t hard enough already not to visit a Triad location on a daily basis, Krispy Kreme’s executive chief Ron Rupocinski is unveiling a line of baked goods called Baked Creations at the company’s Battleground Avenue. location in Greensboro.

“This is a learning experience and we are listening to our customers,” said Rupocinski. “We want to see what they like most and see how we can improve for them.”

The sweet rolls come covered in gourmet cream cheese icing or with roasted pecans and caramel. Moffuins come in banana-nut, vblueberry, chocolate-chip and triple berry varieties. And Krispy Kreme now bakes six kinds of bagels: plain, cinnamon raisin, everything, asiago cheese, whole grain and blueberry.

But Rupocinski says the sweet rolls are the signature item.

“Our new sweet rolls are sweet, gooey and wonderfully decadent. There’s only one word to accurately describe them: ‘yummy’,” said Rupocinski. “The muffins are probably the creamiest you’ve ever tasted and have an incredible indulgent flavor and moist texture.”

But not everything on this new menu is a sugar bomb. The whole-grain bagel contains sunflower seeds, flax seeds, cracked rye, rolled oats, barley flakes, poppy seeds and cracked wheat. The triple-berry muffin is a low-fat item, and three of the bagel spreads are made with low fat content in mind.

“Many of our fans have asked us for baked goods to add to the mouth-watering experience people have come to know and expect from Krispy Kreme,” Rupocinski added.

All items will be baked fresh at the Battleground Avenue location at least twice a day.