Kristine Nielson

by Brian Clarey

When Kristine Nielson decided to move her business, Kristine’s Boutique, from High Point Road to Downtown Greensboro, the first thing she did was call Downtown Greensboro, Inc. ‘“I was kind of skeptical at first because of Saturdays,’” she said. ‘“What would traffic be like?’” But a representative showed her three properties in about 30 minutes, and when she saw the space at the corner of Elm and February One, with window frontage aplenty and a funky glass-brick wall inside, her mind began to change. ‘“Now,’” she says, ‘“it’s almost as if I didn’t exist on High Point Road.’” Kristine’s a native of Neptune, NJ, and the A&T grad has picked up a Southern accent in her years in the Carolinas, and she’s crazy about her new downtown digs. ‘“It’s like a neighborhood here,’” she says as she watches the pedestrians roll by.