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Had never seen or heard of YES!Weekly until I was in a shoeshine parlor yesterday and a copy of your article “Mitt not fit to be president” [June 27, 2012; by Jim Longworth] was inserted in the sack to separate my shoes being picked up. The content of the commentary is so ludicrous and juvenile it really does not deserve comment. If you are playing the role of the Devil’s Advocate, you are doing an outstanding job .Norm Franklin, Greensboro Editor replies: The article took Romney to task for a bullying incident while he was in high school wherein he teased a boy by calling him “gay” and then forcibly cutting his hair.


Good article on being a swimming dad ‘“Strokes” and “Things will go swimmingly”; ,July 11, 2012; by Brian Clarey]. I was one myself and while it was great for  the kids, I have to say that I have rarely spent such excruciatingly boring days as at swimming meets. The noise level and the chaos were unreal. Interminable heats, a zillion events, impossible to distinguish one’s own fish in the water… so glad when they moved on to other activities. I cannot see it being televised. Just too confusing to follow, IMO. But a good report nonetheless and enjoyable.

Serious gripe follows: What is it with you lefties and your abhorrence of anything “white”? Your last paragraph on the apparently unforgiveable “whiteness” of the swimming meet (and Springsteen concerts) was completely out of place. You guys will happily go to football and basketball games in which every player is black and think it is just wonderful. You’ll watch baseball games with teams half of whose players are Spanish-speaking blacks, and that’s dandy with you. But God forbid that a bunch of swimmers should be all white! What do you see in your mirror, Brian? You are white,  as are your parents and grandparents and your children. What is wrong with being white and what is so “evil” about a group of whites? As long as there are no laws or policies prohibiting others from participating, there should be no more complaining about the “whiteness” of swimming meets than there is about the “blackness” of basketball and football.In any case, to alleviate your concern, visit the GAC any weekday… you will see plenty of black kids in the water.Don Miller, Greensboro

Seeing is believing

Just wanted to take a quick second to tell you how awesome YES! Weekly is looking! I’ve been checking out your publication since it started. I haven’t seen it in about a year, and just picked up a copy and immediately noticed all the graphic design changes. As a career commercial artist, I tend to notice that stuff first, but  I’m really enjoying the content too. I love how you’ve added a video vault section.Thanks for putting out a great product! Our area needs you!Jason Lonon, Winston-Salem