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Keep it up

Good morning Brian: Wanda Smith here. I just finished reading your column in this weeks YES! Weekly and was one of the best yet [“A new year, the best one yet; Jan. 2, 2013; by Brian Clarey]. I so love this paper and it is such a asset to our community and I look forward to another stellar year for you and this paper. Wanda C. Smith, Greensboro

Going underground

Eric, I have read your article as well as the one in the Rhino about Duke Energy and the tree-cutting [“Greensboro leaders, residents take on Duke over trees; Jan. 2, 2013; by Eric Ginsburg]. Wow, the Greensboro City Council is finally standing up for the residents of Greensboro.

While reading both articles, I have not seen the mention of Duke Energy simply burying the power lines in these neighborhoods. I know Duke’s reaction will be, it would cost too much. In the long run, wouldn’t it save them the time and money of having to butcher trees at all? Problem solved.

Just a thought from a citizen, that pays taxes and a Duke Energy customer.

Donnie Britt, Greensboro Editor replies: From the article: “[Gail] Barger and other residents have suggested Duke Energy shouldn’t pursue the cheapest possible route to line maintenance and suggested alternatives including raising the height of poles or putting lines underground.”

Coltrane wept

Great, true article in the Jan 2-9 YES! Weekly [“A look into 2013 in music”; Jan. 2, 2013; by Ryan Snyder]. I am a straight-ahead jazz lover. I WAS on the first Coltrane Fest committee and refused to continue because… they would not listen nor did they have a clue. I am pretty certain that 95 percent of those involved (the “decision-makers”) could not name two of Trane’s cuts. It was and is a joke.

I pointed out to them that the intent should be centered on educating folk about John Coltrane. His son, Ravi, performed at the first “fest” but they did not use the opportunity to showcase his appearance and award Trane through his son. During the breaks in performance not one time did they play any Coltrane music. Hopefully the missteps of the past will be corrected so that the festival may truly fill a void in our community that can be used a teaching tool and as an event to be embraced by all.

Cameron S. Falkener, Greensboro Brian- I would like to thank you for the very well written article on the B-fac as the youngsters call us around town [Fast-food breakfast, unchained”; Dec. 19, 2012; by Brian Clarey]. I couldn’t have said it better. And yes. you need to come try a hot dog or hamburger. We make homemade chilli everyday.

Brent Harrington, High Point