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It was with a grieved heart that I read the article in your publication on Febr. 13 titled: “The pope should stand trial for his crimes” by Jim Longworth. As a practicing Catholic I was shocked that your publication would allow Longworth to write such an article. I don’t know where Longworth got his information but it is not based on the truth. I would suggest that he contact someone who is knowledgeable about the truth regarding this holy servant of God, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. Dr. Robert Moynihan or George Weigel are two that come to mind immediately. There are no facts that support his slanderous allocations against a living saint. If people could realize how much damage they do to society as a whole and to their own souls they would not maliciously spread such lies.

Sandy Vorhies, High Point

Jim Longworth is just wrong in writing about Pope Benedict as he did recently.

Like the next person, I like some spark and opinion on a wide variety of issues but it is not worthy of a journalist to write an opinion piece without knowing his subject, not knowing the correct facts.

His statements about the pope were just factually incorrect and he chose to treat the Pope, and by extension, good Catholics who know the facts and respect the pope, with unnecessary disdain. If he is so wrong on this issue, it leads me to believe he just does not check the facts and is most likely wrong on most of his writing. I seems he just does not like the pope nor George Bush and decided to create a myth or to source his article from sources that are just plain wrong. I know this subject well, and even those that dislike Pope Benedict do not make the false charges that Jim Longworth made.

He is hurting your publication and his own reputation with his incorrect assertions.

People of good will may become fewer and fewer among your readers as this continues.

Ron Steinkamp, High Point

Once again, Jim Longworth has chosen to repeat his slanderous commentary about Pope Benedict in your “newspaper.” Why do you allow such vitriol, filled with hate and lies?

Stephen Cush, High Point


While in WInston Salem I had the opportunity to read your editorial [“Lawmakers are obsessed with naked nipples”; Feb. 20, 2013; by Jim Longworth]. I roared with laughter. However, it is with profound regret that I must inform you that North Carolina does not have the most anal of legislators. That honor goes to the governor of Virginia and the clowns known as delegates.

This honor comes a result of Virginia’s misogynistic governor and his troop of clowns who tried to pass a law requiring that any woman seeking an abortion must undergo an insertion of a transvaginal probe so she could listen to the supposed heartbeat of the fetus. Fortunately the uproar which resulted was sufficient to quell this idiotic approach. The misogynist in residence did not respond to my suggestion for ending abortions and regretfully it does not appear that the Commonwealth will change its slogan “Virginia is for Lovers” to “Virginia is for clowns.”

As currently constituted the current Virginia governor and its representatives have raised the bar of “how high can we go to be the world’s leading anal group,” that I fear it will be a long time before any state legislators rise above it.

Joseph W Hirn III, somewhere in Virgina