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Shoe leather and trees

Eric, thank you for your outstanding investigative journalism. We’re especially impressed with your “Greensboro, Duke Energy attempt to sort out tree ordinance” article in the March 13 issue. We learned so much about what Duke’s legal counsel and their spokesperson are saying, thanks to you. It’s also good to hear Nancy Vaughan’s take on responsibility.

Emilie and Tom Sandin, Greensboro

Jim’s crusade

Mr. Jim Longworth has just slammed the Christianity faith, spit on it, and basically called it a hoax [“For the Bible tells me so”; March 13, 2013]. Therefore, I would recommend as a Christian that we protests every business that supports the YES! paper. The first paragraph in his editorial, is a lie! Every word printed in the Bible was inspired by God and printed on paper. If Longworth doesn’t believe this, he should not be devaluing the Christian faith into a garbage pit. I know I’m going to tell every Christian friend of mine, to boycott your paper and your sponsors. Once again if you can slam the Bible, like it is some made up fiction, written by man, than that upsets Christians all across the world. THE BIBLE IS, God’s Holy Word, we Christians should definitely not agree with this garbage that you are printing!


DM Gentry, High Point I totally agree with Jim Longworth’s Feb 13 article about Papists vs Longworth. And the responses it invoked were laughable and absurd. How can intelligent human beings worship another mere human being just because he is called pope/cardinal and others. When I see current news reports, I notice there are a whole bunch of cardinals and others below the pope. Who pays all of these old men? They ar just a bunch of lazy asses who have a self-indulgent hold on people who are missing a screw and will believe anything. This is the largest mass insanity since Hitler’s hold on his German people. Some wrote “these holy servants of god”… what, then, makes the papists holier than other catholics? Who do those holierthan-though men think they are? They just walk around in white bathrobes performing as actors in a play that boosts their ego by continuing to con people and rip them off.

I absolutely agree that all priests (the ones we know about, who knows how many more) who raped children should be charged with the crime and prosecuted just like anyone else. Why do they get away with only a slap on the wrist, and moved down a notch to protect them? I don’t know what can be done about that, but for me, it only enhances the ridiculousness of the whole Catholic thing. Without all of that attachment to a father figure, catholics are just normal people of faith. Why isn’t that enough, I wonder? I’m not that keen on the Bible, but does it really say to worship a herd of old men?

Martha Cecil, Greensboro