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So, what is it that you fear from the Bible being taught in school [“For the Bible tells me so”; March 30, 2013, by Jim Longworth]? Oh yeah, your one example of an issue was the nursing student who would not have enough time for his or her studies, and therefore would be in your opinion less of a nurse. I find your argument against having a Bible anywhere near students foolish and a slippery slope to a country in moral decline (my bad we already sliding). Pretty sure the article right next to yours deals with the horrific stats involved with sex offenders, convicted child rapists and all the joys associated with spring break. Apparently you see no correlations to your anti-God/Bible (or just Yahweh) statements, and the need for a moral compass in our country today. Needed more so now, than ever. By this I mean that Christians believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God, not merely some stories told by middle men. I only wish that you would make these sorts of cracks about the Koran. Do you really believe that teachers teach without a personal bias in their classrooms? Of course they do. So to use extreme examples of teachers to push your point, which from what I read is your worry of a slippery slope to bad nursing, seems like pretty weak journalism. It seems that your father’s lack of attention in class, or just his smartass answer that he recieved no credit for has really offended you, and worries you for the future. Why don’t you try an article focused on why Binham and his evil cohorts are proposing such a bill? Not to go over your head or anything, but yes “Jezebel was a whore” and still is.

Greg Cunningham, High Point


Belatedly… good article on the ACC Tournament [“Schadenfreude at the ACC Tournament”; March 20, 2013; by Brian Clarey].

Very descriptive indeed. I, like you, have been here for about 15 years but have not been able to form any school allegiances within the state, although when one of the NC teams plays outside, like in the NCAAs I tend to root for them.

I do disagree with your comments about Duke, though. A little class envy there? I thank God that we have schools like Duke, Stanford, Princeton, Yale, Harvard, et al, where our academic achievers and overachievers can still get the appropriate education in the downward spiral of mediocrity that has seized our nation. Every society needs leadership in all fields, just like an army needs generals and a ship needs a captain, and I don’t see our many of post-grad high schools (like the local colleges) producing the leaders that the country needs.

A bit of nostalgia for you: when I was a kid in Rutherford, NJ our college basketball world was CCNY, NYU, LIU, St. Johns, Manhattan College, Fordham and Seton Hall. We could take the brown bus to the Port Authority, walk a block to the Garden, get in for a reasonable price, and watch what was some superb B-ball. I still have an old NYU T-shirt somewhere! And we could relate because almost all the players on those teams were local boys. I don’t think any “mercenaries” were ever brought in from outside. And, of all things, Jewish basketball players! One year St Johns had an all-Brooklyn team on the court! Unreal! Wonder whatever happened to NYC basketball? Also wonder if mothers in Rutherford allow their kids to go to NYC like that anymore… bet not.

Don MIller