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Conservative voices are one thing. Abject stupidity and willful ignorance are another. In John Stossel’s latest free market rant about the post office [“a post-post office world”; April 24, 2013], he would have us believe the USPS is failing because of bad business acumen and greedy workers.

Nowhere does he mention the Republican congressional effort to destroy this institution. Could it be he has not heard of the mandate that requires them to pre-fund health benefits for their retirees to the tune of $8 billion a year? Or their legislated inability to expand their business? It’s a Republican dream to do away with this last large bastion of unionized workers.

Please find someone else for this valuable space. This kind of junk writing is insulting to your readers.

Nancy Watterson, Greensboro

Longworth’s beaver

I was looking forward to this week’s Longworth at Large based on the YES! List mention [“Greedy CEOs getting richer”; April 24, 2013]. I too would have expected your editor to pull off the paper’s first beaver joke, but it would have been tough to do it so well. And his closing line was priceless. I’d encourage Stossel and Norris to be funny as well, but we saw how that worked for Romney. Better just to humor the humorless.

John Davis, Greensboro