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Dispatch from the Night’s Watch?

Thank you Chad and Jordan for your most excellent attention to Winston- Salem appraisal hell in your recent first installment [“Equity & appraisals”; by Jordan Green and Chad Nance; June 19, 2013]. Looking forward to more! Thank you Jordan for your keen style and brevity of pen in your reports from the visual arts to Father’s day — a very candid piece indeed.John Snow, Winston-Salem

More on the reval

Thanks for sharing the YES! Weekly piece with me. They really drilled very far down into the details of the real estate appraisal process. But I think they missed something really important.

As you know, I am a white guy living off Reidsville Road in east Winston. I live in one of the few upscale neighborhoods on this side of town. My home suffered a pretty severe cut as well, though not the 50 percent losses some took.

Where I differ from you and many of my neighbors is my thoughts on the effect of this dramatic revaluation. I don’t think tax values are used to set real estate prices in the real world. I refinanced my home for a value far in excess of its tax assessed value about the time my ridiculously low value came out. The real estate appraisal was not even mentioned or considered in my refi — but I anticipate getting a big benefit from much lower property taxes. At one of the meetings I attended, [one man] said he’d not sell his house for anything like its tax assessed value — and I think he is right. Those values are not market values, and those active in the market know that.

The appraiser’s office really botched their job. It was an unprecedentedly difficult job, but they botched it nevertheless.

I know some people feel this is all part of a conspiracy to discriminate against and disadvantage the black community, but I wish we could just keep quiet about it and pocket the tax windfall.Steve Scroggin, Winston-Salem

Barflies for Eric

Although I’m a little intoxicated, I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your beach trip story [“Summer is here”; May 29, 2013; by Eric Ginsburg]. Made me smile. Keep it up.Stephen McLaughlin, Greensboro