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Thiggy speaks

Brian, you couldn’t have said it any better [“The rhythm of a gentle bossa nova”; July 24, 2013; by Brian Clarey]. I still live downtown and I’m so sad at what it’s become after all that hard work, money and passion put in by so many. It’s a shame for sure. Alan Thigpen, Greensboro Ed. note: Thigpen is the former owner, Thiggy’s Pizza, Next Door Tavern and Catering Carolina.

Love/hate with Longworth

I think the basic premises of this editorial [“Zimmerman and jury both guilty”; July 24, 2013; by Jim Longworth] should be clarified by:

1) Referencing how often a black man is murdered by a white man vs. a white man murdered by a black man, when you print the statement that it is 354 percent more likely for a white man/black man to be found justified in using “Stand your Ground” defenses. By the way, SYG was not the defense used in the Zimmerman trial .

2) The Marissa Alexander case did not reference any of the facts in that case that did not support the authors conclusions. Fine for a creative writing class but I feel you should hold higher standards for a “Triad Today” host.

Do you have any Floridian friends? I hope they think “Are they all stupid down there?” was a joke. Though it seemed the authors goal was to make them look stupid.

Thanks for another lesson is doing my own research and to always question conclusions.

Steve Nelson, Winston-Salem Longworth’s voices is right on the money [“Edward Snowden: Hero or villain?”; July 17, 2013; by Jim Longqorth]. That is ONE reason I didn’t vote for Obama. I knew this kind of stuff would happen but I don’t miss Bush.

Steve Adams, Greensboro


A big thank-you to Alex Ashe for his fine article on the historic Green Valley Golf Course and the surrounding neighborhoods [“How green was the valley”; July 24, 2013]. I had the opportunity to play a round or two there in its waning days, but I was not aware of the rich history of the course and the people who made it such a gem.

Karl Kunkel, High Point