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Dear Yes! Weekly, Thanks to Whitney Kenerly for bringing attention to the lives of feral/ community cats in Greensboro! The majority of cats and kittens who come into the Guilford County Animal Shelter are strays or ferals, and each year, thousands of cats and kittens are euthanized here in our county due to a lack of space and of homes. While our local shelter does better than many in North Carolina, it is still the case that over half of the felines who come into GCAS are euthanized.

Spay/neuter is the only way out of this overpopulation problem, as Ms. Kenerly’s article asserted. We are fortunate to have several excellent low-cost spay/neuter veterinary clinics in the Greensboro area, yet even these prices can be out of reach for those taking care of stray or feral cats which they don’t own. I want the community to know that, in addition to FCAP, there are two sources of ongoing financial assistance for those engaged in TNR (trap-neuter-return) of strays and ferals in the Triad. The first is Project BARK (Bringing Animals Relief and Kindness; projectbark., a local nonprofit assisting individuals with spay/neuter, has the Meow Fund, which provides a lot of financial assistance to individuals in the Triad doing TNR; BARK can be reached at 336-965-1059. In addition, Dr Linda East recently started the Street Cat Project, and she will perform feral spay/neuter for a very low cost (even on a donation basis)— she works at the SPCA of the Triad, and can be reached at 336-763-2586. Both of these organizations can also help people borrow traps for TNR.

Sincerely, Bev Levine !

Dear Yes! Weekly: Just wanted to let you know that I thought you did a great job with your review describing the experience of “Dance from Above 1.0” from the June 25-July 2 issue of Yes! Weekly.

I thought your description of the visual affects of Adam Graetz and Brandon Warren’s transformation of the Crown’s space was reflected in your accompanying photos. Of particular note to me was your keen perspective of the challenging realities of the economics between artist development and venue necessities. Despite a great turnout incentivized by an attractive admission fee, the Crown Theater’s rental structure and the limited capacity of the Crown space left little for the artists or promoter. We face this issue every day while trying to book the different size venues within the Coliseum Complex.

Matt Brown Greensboro Coliseum!