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Dear Editor: Regarding YES! WEEKLY’s disgraceful headline, “Crosby, Stills, Nash & Boosie;” Forty-five years from now will Millennials be listening to Boosie? Will they pay good money to see Boosie perform? In 45 years will touring rappers perform Boosie tributes?

Nope. It will be, “Boosie who?”

Mike J Baron Winston-Salem Attended WOODSTOCK


Dear Editor:

There was the night (at the coliseum) the opera crowd in tux and long gowns came through the parking lot and the World Wide Federation crowd was there for the wrestling. Joking back and forth took place and all of a sudden all realized they were there for different expressions of the drama of life. It was magic when some of each crowd invited the other to come to their performance.

Your article (“Crosby, Stills, Nash & Boosie”) captured the amazing energy of the Coliseum complex. In New York all is scattered about and not in one place- that synergism and energy and cultural interaction doesn’t take place.

Great article. We will miss the Auditorium and the mix.

Cameron Cooke

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