Heartfelt thanks

Thanks so much to YES! Weekly for your sponsorship and support for the fourth annual Greensboro Run/Walk for Autism. We doubled our participation and donations from years past, earning more than $42,000 to help people in the Triad with autism. Juli Shoaf, Autism Society of North Carolina

Sh*t Eric said

Thank you for your article, “Sh*t white people say” [Aug. 29, 2012; by Eric  Ginsburg]. How you got inside my head and were able to write down my exact thoughts is beyond me. Yet you did it!I’m not familiar with YES! Weekly and found this copy by accident. In any event, you’re amazing! Maggie Ladden, Burlington


Kudos to Rep. Howard Coble for receiving the Guardian of Small Business award for his outstanding voting record on behalf of small-business owners. Having been a small-business owner for 25 years, what I most respect about him is that he is accessible and unafraid to address the issues. We always know where he stands. I appreciate the fact that Rep. Coble was a sponsor for the Red Tape Reduction and Small Business Job Creator Act and that he stands for cutting taxes and reducing burdensome regulations. We need to re-elect Howard Coble because we need his standards, his beliefs and his experience working on our behalf in Washington.

Karen McNeill, High Point

I am writing to introduce you to Congressman Howard Coble. I have had the honor of voting for him for the past 20 years, and hope that you will make the decision to support him in November now that he represents Person County.

Congressman Coble works hard for his constituents and district. He treats everyone he meets, regardless of status, with respect and concern, and never closes his doors to constituents wanting to share an opinion or looking for help maneuvering government programs.

Although I have not agreed with every vote he has taken, I do respect and support the way he agrees to disagree with others agreeably, his willingness to meet with and hear all sides of an argument, and the civil tone in which he defends his positions.

It could not be said of all politicians, but Congressman Coble is someone I can be proud to call “our congressman.” I hope you will take the time to get to know him and give him your vote on Nov. 6.

Kathy Dunnevant Sample, Greensboro

Riding the rails

I thoroughly enjoyed your editorial on taking the train [“Trainspotting”; Sept. 26, 2012; by Brian Clarey]. I have been preaching this to folks around here myself for three years now. I take the Crescent out of GSO into Penn Station about every two months (I’m anative New Yorker also — but raised in NC). It leaves Greensboro at 3:45 a.m., get on the train and sleep until Charlottesville and even though the Amtrak schedule states that it arrives at Penn at 1:45 p.m., in three years we’ve only arrived at 1:45 once — every other time at least 45 minutes or more early, even with 15 inches of snow on the ground in NY in January 2011! When does that happen on an airline? Never. I’ve touted the ease of train travel as you said, no security check,etc. You do get a different perspective of this country from the window of a train as opposed to a highway. Highly recommended!

Thanks for helping spread the word– Bill Fleming, Greensboro