by Eric Ginsburg



Many of Brianna Hodges’ family members  work for USPS, and after two years  working for the postal service, she became a mail carrier five months ago. She attended GTCC for three years pursuing a degree in nursing and while she is happy she left school for a job with USPS, Hodges is considering night classes so she can complete her degree and work with cancer patients. She dreams of opening a hospital and helping people in poverty. “I love to encourage people to just reach for their goals in life and never stop until you get what you want or where you would like to be,” Hodges said. “I just love being there for other people when they’re in need.” Hodges is 20 and lives in Jamestown with her boyfriend Josh, a National Guardsman who is being deployed to Egypt on a peace mission in the fall. She likes Jamestown so much she said she might live there forever, in part because she is surrounded by family. Hodges spends her free time playing with her dogs, attending Cross Point Baptist Church in Greensboro, working out and at the pool.