by Karen Phillips

Jesse Travers: Photography Entrepreneur

by Karen Phillips

An avid skateboarder for the majority of his youth, Jesse Travers started his interest in videography and photography while filming his friends performing tricks and jumps on their boards. He earned a degree in graphic design from GTCC. After gaining some experience, he bought his first professional camera and filmed a family wedding.

Discovering YouTube both as a learning tool and a means to promote his work, Jesse started his own photography business, JT- Perceptions, about three years ago. No longer just a hobby, JTPerceptions specializes in gymnastics meets, portraits and animal photography, but has experience in weddings, birthday parties and other sporting events, and always up for new challenges. JTPerceptions also does multicamera videos per request. Jesse hopes to expand JT- Perceptions in the future, perhaps gaining a business partner and a second photographer. He looks forward to editing each and every photo, because once in a while he gets psyched about how a photo turned out, and that magic moment pushes him to each new level of photography. Visit his website at