by Karen Phillips

Fancy Brennan: A People Pleaser

by Karen Phillips

Named after Reba McEntire’s song “Fancy Don’t Let Me Down,” 6-year-old pug Fancy Brennan is a mild-natured people person. Originally from a small breeder in Randolph County, Fancy has grown up to be quite the independent thinker. Her favorite command is “sit,” and her favorite spot to follow this command is on her daddy’s head. Her favorite activities include sleeping and snoring, and her cuddling abilities are top notch. Fancy’s good manners and mild disposition earn her the privilege of sleeping with her mom and dad at night. When not taking claim of her daddy’s pillow at the head of the bed, she fits herself into any nook or cranny accessible through her daddy’s sleeping position. A bit stocky and leaning towards a more health-conscious lifestyle, Fancy enjoys her low-calorie, dry dog food, and her favorite treats are Cheerios. She’s softspoken and her tongue is always slightly poking out through her lips. The only time she truly speaks up is when an animal show comes on the television. Fancy knows the expectations behind her name and is determined not to disappoint.