by Karen Phillips


Firefighter Nick Loflin has a big heart. Together with a couple of friends, he decided to start a company called Running With Horses that puts together events to help support non-profit organizations. Nick started the first annual Greensboro Zombie Run which will take place this Saturday. Runners and zombies will travel a secret path two miles through the south side of downtown Greensboro. Runners will have flags at either hip, and zombies want to eat them. The goal of the race is to make it to the finish line with both flags still attached. Watch out — zombies are both creepers and runners, so they could be standing around a corner waiting for you, or they might be chasing you down the street. Although Nick would love to run in the race, he says he’ll be “holding on for dear life, making sure it gets pulled off.” He will be at the party afterwards, though, along with local bands like the Tremors, the Malamandos and Mooseknuckle. Donations will be accepted, and anyone can come. All the money collected from the participation of this race and the after-party will go directly to the Ignite the Spirit organization. If you haven’t registered yet, you can sign up at the event. Find out more at