by Karen Phillips


Deborah Streeter wanted to be a singer when she grew up, but knew she couldn’t hold a note. After an inspirational evening at a poetry event a few years ago, she decided poetry and storytelling would be her creative outlet.

She has been writing and performing ever since. Deborah started an openmic forum for local poets and artists on Friday evenings at the Delta Arts Center in Winston-Salem. Her goal is to support local, young talent in the community by offering them a place to speak freely and “display their poetic gifts.” Deborah is also a greeting-card designer. Although not a very lucrative business, she loves the positive feedback she gets from her customers. She says, “I don’t sell cards, I illuminate life’s moments.” Deborah gets her inspiration for her poetry and greeting cards from her daily interactions with people and nature. She hopes to one day open her own poetry and openmic venue. To contact Deborah or schedule a performance, email her at