by Karen Phillips


Currently a graphic designer, Evelyn Francis is also a part-time baker. Taking after her mother, Evelyn started baking cupcakes a couple years ago, both as a means of creative expression and because she’s a big fan of sweets. She feels that cupcakes are “edible pieces of art,” and she loves coming up with new flavor combinations and decorating her cupcakes in artistic ways. Evelyn would bring her cupcakes into work so her coworkers could try them, and before she knew it, she started receiving orders. Cupcakes by Evelyn has become her side business. She hopes to sell her cupcakes at the Greensboro Farmer’s Curb Market to help establish a more consistent customer base, and eventually open a full-time bakery. Evelyn currently offers 20 cupcake flavors and has many other ideas in the works. “If they pass the taste test, then I’ll add them to the menu,” she says. Cupcakes by Evelyn are baked from scratch, and Evelyn uses local ingredients whenever possible. “I only bake cupcakes… because I want to perfect the cupcake,” Evelyn says. She prides herself on providing her customers with the best tasting cupcake they’ve ever had.

“There’s no better feeling than to see something you’re passionate about being appreciated by other people.” For more information on Cupcakes by Evelyn, or to put in an order for the holidays, visit her website at