by Karen Phillips

Jim Rumley: Serving the community in more ways than one

Jim Rumley and his family were huge on Christmas. About 18 years ago, Jim’s stepmom bought a great Santa suit but needed someone to dress up in it for their family Christmas party. Jim finally agreed, fell in love, and has been Santa Claus ever since. Jim makes sure not to miss any step when entering the Santa Claus mindset, from washing his hair with a rosemarymint conditioner and putting on his gold rimmed prescription Santa glasses to getting his real leather boots shined by a family friend. Jim is a private event Santa, and has been personifying Santa Claus for the past 18 years. Prior to that, Jim was a Marine for 18 years as well. He loves serving his country and his community, and he finds multiple ways to help out each year. Jim begins growing his beard and hair in May, in preparation for the holiday season, and shaves it off first thing in the morning on Dec. 25. The rest of the year, Jim has his own real estate company. He hopes to one day go to Santa School and expand his role in the real-bearded Santa community, but for now he does it because he loves it. He says, “It’s all about sharing the joy.”