by Karen Phillips


Brittany Carroll always wanted to be a teacher because she wanted to make a difference in her community and she saw the positive impact teachers had on her life — until her eyes were opened to the world of nonprofits. She thought nonprofits could reach greater numbers and decided to steer her career in that direction. Brittany went to High Point University and got her BA in nonprofit leadership and management with a minor in special education. She is a developmental specialist at Monarch in Asheboro, a nonprofit that helps support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental illness and substance-abuse challenges from all over the state. She works one-on-one with an individual with autism, and assists her in meeting goals and achieving dreams on a daily basis. Brittany also works at High Point Gymnastics Academy as a gymnastics instructor, teaching classes and helping kids build self-confidence while having fun and accomplishing their goals. She works closely with the special-needs children at HPGA and helps host the annual Special Olympics meet. One of the highlights of her job is working with Emma Wright, a little girl with downs syndrome, teaching her routines and getting her ready to compete in her first Special Olympics meet this year. “Basically, I want to save the world, like Super Man,” Brittany says. “I want to share my love and enthusiasm for working with people with disabilities to others so they can see that community support is important.” To work with Brittany, ask for her at or