by Eric Ginsburg


This Valentine’s Day, Wooten Gough and other activists in immigrant and LGBT rights organizations are partnering to spread the love. Gough, who is part of el Cambio and GetEQUAL NC, said several groups are coming together to issue several demands. “El Cambio is partnering up with a lot of other organizations across North Carolina to put our love for each other out on the streets,” he said, describing their planned action for downtown Greensboro. The coalition is demanding the right to move freely, to stay in their communities and to push back against fear and violence. Gough, who is an immigrant and self-described “queer,” recently moved to Greensboro from Yadkin County. He is a communications and women and gender studies double major at UNCG and has been involved with el Cambio since it was founded. Valentine’s Day is the kick-off of a yearlong partnership across issues and communities in the state, he said. “When people come out, whether it’s the closet or the shadows, there is a strenuous process of loving yourself that often doesn’t happen,” Gough said. “We need to love each other within and across groups. It’s kind of just a feel-good action.”

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